Gandia Blasco Brown Hand Knotted Waterkeyn 2

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The human hand coordinated by the brain can trans- port us to a world of limitless possibilities, whether it be through the arts, music or crafts.
WATERKEYN is a hand knotted rug made by GAN, GANDIABLASCO's indoor brand, which derives its uniqueness from the deft hands of the crafts men and women of India, a music made tangible, made into a rug.
GAN travels the world in search of expertise and knowledge which is transmits through its products, in this case their HAND KNOTTED rug collection.
WATERKEYN features a grid pattern that emerges and disappears over the faded distressed surface of the rug that is itself a reference to the organic ma- terial from which it is made, the vegetable fibre jute. As a material, jute has served mankind over the cen- turies and still provides unexpected and ingenious applications.