Multi-Colored Rugs

Multicolored area rugs are rugs that feature a minimum of two or three main different colors. These rugs may be combinations of complimentary colors, or feature color gradients, and many of them feature 3 or more colors. While many of them feature complimentary colors, some of them contain more abstract combinations of colors. With a multicolored rug, it's important to consider which colors are already prominent in your space. If the space has several different colors and accents, a very specific multicolored rug may match it well. Likewise, if the space has several different colors and accents, it may also be harder to pair with a multicolored rug. Interiors that feature uniform or similar tones can benefit from a multicolored rug. If the rug is in a neutral interior, a multicolored rug can help focus and excite the interior. 

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