Gandia Blasco Orange Kilim Naidu Rug

SKU 7610_Kilim-10_59_80

This is the Naidu rug from GAN's kilim collection, a reversible and very light piece. Its design is based on a set of eight different frets, repeated in alternating tonalities and inspired by ethnic geometric drawings, created by Odosdesign.

To finish off a composition with such a high density of small geometric drawings, two of its sides are fringed. Elaborated entirely with 100% virgin wool in shades of red, orange and pale pink, this model is available in three sizes.


The kilim is an artisan method of rug making in which the weft is tightly woven on a manual loom, using only threads and no knotting. The result is a light fabric with no pile, similar to that of upholstery. It is a technique that offers great flexibility, a feature that GAN explores thoroughly to create high-impact details.


Odosdesign is a design agency based in Valencia that specializes in product design, creative direction and visual strategy. Its activity is multidisciplinary, and it stands out for its ability to carry out global projects for companies and institutions. Through a broad and consolidated team, it works across all aspects of design: from product to graphic design, art direction, branding, video or web creation. Founded in 2005, it has been recognized throughout its trajectory with important national and international design awards, such as the Red Dot or the Laus award.