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With thousands of rugs, a custom rug program, and a comprehensive selection of hospitality-quality rugs, Modern Designer Rugs is a premier resource for modern and luxury rugs from the most exclusive designers. Browse our curated collection of designers today and fall in love with your next rug.

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  • Project Showcase: Ariat
    April 24, 2024 Kira Frech

    Project Showcase: Ariat

      Step into the world of modern Southwest design with Modern Designer Rugs latest collaboration with Ariat. Our collection of designer rugs, specially crafted for Ariat stores, embodies the essence of contemporary Western style. Using premium New Zealand wool, our rugs...

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  • Project Showcase: W Montreal Hotel Montreal, Canada
    January 25, 2024 Kira Frech

    Project Showcase: W Montreal Hotel Montreal, Canada

     The extreme wow suite at the W Montreal is one of my favorite projects that Modern Designer Rugs has had the pleasure of working on. This project exemplifies the fusion of bold colors, hard angles, and imaginative imagery, with the...

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  • New Release: The Ombre Collection
    December 7, 2023 Kira Frech

    New Release: The Ombre Collection

    Introducing our latest design triumph: The Ombre Collection. A symphony of colors and craftsmanship, each rug in this collection is a visual masterpiece that transcends the ordinary. Handmade using premium New Zealand Wool, these rugs seamlessly blend dark and light gradients,...

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