Black Rugs

Black area rugs are one of the best intersections of modern design and functionality. Depending on the pile height, style, and texture of the rug, black area rugs can be either a subtle way to accent your space or a bold addition to your interior. Whichever you decide, our team will help you along the way to ensure you have the resources needed to make the best decision. A black shag can add texture and life to your interior while stile making a statement. Likewise, a black hand-knotted Tibetan rug works as an elegant way to bring together your living of dining spaces. When you're feeling uncompromising and simply no other color will do, a black area rug represents a comforting level of certainty. While black area rugs are naturally paired with white interiors, using shades of black such as charcoal, licorice, and taupe can lead to great success when paired with other lighter colors. As with many darker colors, the key to using a black area rug is achieving balance.