Nani Marquina Rugs

NANIMARQUINA RUGS - Established in Barcelona in 1987, Nanimarquina is a family-owned company specializing in rugs. Their contemporary designs are the result of collaboration with local and international designers, and the company focuses on sustainable  and socially responsible production, using no child labor, improving standards of living for people in the manufacturing process, and implementing environmentally friendly methods. With selections like the soft, comfortable Roses Rug and the elegant, versatile Black on White Manuscrit Rug, their creations are colorful, playful and eclectic. With a goal of "creating rugs that convey emotions and a sense of well being,” Barcelona based Nanimarquina has distinguished itself with a range of unique modern rugs that employ traditional weaving techniques from around the globe. Collaborations with a stellar cast of contemporary designers and the talent of artisans in India, Nepal, and Morocco, have yielded modern rugs of exceptional beauty and elegance for more than 25 years.