Purple Rugs

Consider yourself royalty? You might find that a purple rug is the perfect accent piece for your throne, great hall, or living room. Use a subtle lavender rug to create a soft, calming look. Want to add some intensity to your space? Look no further than a fuchsia or royal purple overdyed rug. Purple rugs work with almost every neutral and provide the pop of color you need to make your space feel truly regal. 

For a color associated with luxury and royalty, purple can also be quite a subtle way to accent your interior. With shades ranging from vibrant violets to pale lavenders, a purple area rug can be either a statement piece or an understated, yet sophisticated addition to your interior. Proud and regal or soft and sweet, purple is a great choice for an area rug. When using a darker shade of purple for an area rug, such as aubergine or eggplant, the effect is dramatic and luxurious. A luscious aubergine shag rug can offer a depth and texture that compliments lighter interiors. Alternatively, a hand-knotted rug in a vibrant fuchsia works well with lighter colors and whites. The adaptability of purple is exactly choosing one of it's shades for an area rug seems too easy.