Dive into Whimsy with the Odd Balls Kids Collection by Christopher Fareed Design

Dive into Whimsy with the Odd Balls Kids Collection by Christopher Fareed Design


Unveiling an enchanting blend of art and design, Christopher Fareed Design Studios proudly presents the Odd Balls Kids Collection. Breaking free from the norms of traditional rugs, these vibrant creations redefine children's room decor. With their stacked, irregular shapes bursting with vibrant hues, these rugs are more than just floor coverings; they are portals to imagination. Crafted from premium New Zealand wool and lustrous banana silk, the collection offers a tactile experience that's both luxurious and durable. The varied pile heights invite exploration, engaging young minds and senses in a playful dance of textures. Whether displayed on the floor or hung as unique wall art, the Odd Balls rugs transform spaces into wonder-filled realms.


Colors have never been this exhilarating, as the Odd Balls Kids Collection introduces a palette that radiates positivity and creativity. From sunny yellows to whimsical pinks, each rug is a burst of joy, inspiring children to dream and explore. Beyond their aesthetic allure, these rugs adapt to evolving needs. Their unconventional shapes and versatile placements make them the perfect companion for a child's journey from playtime to imagination-driven adventures. As we celebrate the release of this extraordinary collection, we invite you to infuse your little one's world with the magic of Odd Balls—a fusion of artistry, quality, and boundless imagination.

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