Project Showcase: Quincy Station Westmont Illinois

Project Showcase: Quincy Station Westmont Illinois



In the dynamic landscape of multifamily living, the family room holds a central position as a space for relaxation, bonding, and unwinding. This project set out to enhance the ambiance and functionality of the space, making it an inviting haven for families to create lasting memories. Here's a closer look at the unique rug designs that have redefined the comfort and aesthetic appeal of the family room in this modern multifamily living space at Quincy Station.



To infuse a touch of warmth and elegance, the custom Quadrant rug for the family room. Its intricate patterns and soft textures create a cozy atmosphere, encouraging families to unwind and connect. The rug's neutral tones seamlessly complement the contemporary aesthetics of the space, serving as a sophisticated centerpiece for the room's design.


The vibrancy of Radiate A breathes life into the family room, adding a playful yet modern twist to the overall decor. The contrast of black and white wool, and geometric patterns effortlessly inject energy into the space, reflecting the lively spirit of the families residing in the apartment building. This rug serves as a dynamic focal point, sparking conversations and enlivening the room's atmosphere.


For a touch of timeless sophistication, this custom Mador rug by Christopher Fareed was chosen to enhance the family room's ambiance. Its luxurious textures and refined design create an aura of opulence, elevating the room's aesthetic appeal and providing an exquisite setting for families to relax and bond. 


Emphasizing versatility and functionality, we created a custom design to accommodate the multifaceted needs of the family room. Its durable material and contemporary design make it an ideal choice for the high-traffic area, ensuring longevity and easy maintenance. This rug's subtle yet stylish appearance adds a sense of modernity and practicality to the space, aligning perfectly with the dynamic lifestyle of the apartment building's diverse residents.


Through the integration of these carefully curated rug designs, the family room at Quincy Station has been transformed into a hub of comfort, style, and functionality. Each rug selection has been tailored to reflect the multifaceted lifestyles and personalities of the building's diverse residents, fostering a sense of community and warmth within the multifamily living environment. These rugs serve as more than just decor; they represent an embodiment of the values and experiences that make Quincy Station a place residents are proud to call home.


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