Shop the Black Friday Sale

Shop the Black Friday Sale

Make sure you don't miss out on our best sale of the season... Black Friday of course! We are offering a huge discount of 40% off all Christopher Fareed Design Studio Rugs until the end of 11/30/2022. 

All Christopher Fareed Rugs are hand woven in India by skilled craftsman. They come in one of two weave styles, hand tufted or hand knotted. Hand knotting is a traditional technique for making rugs that has been around for centuries. It is a very time intensive practice with the end result being a stunning heirloom quality rug. The other weave style, hand tufting uses a handheld tufting machine to push yarn through a canvas. This technique allows for more free flowing designs and is faster to produce a finished rug. 

Let us know if you would like to customize any Christopher Fareed Rug. We can provide custom colors, sizes, and shapes. The average lead-time for hand tufted rugs is 6-8 weeks while the average lead time for hand knotted is 10-14.


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