Gandia Blasco Brown Trenzas Rug

SKU 7610_Trenzas-7_80_118

This is the rectangular brown rug from the Trenzas collection, available in two sizes and, also in a round format. Its thick woolen braids seek to create a contemporary but natural and rustic atmosphere, alluding with its voluminous texture to the apparent intertwining of wild grasses. It is made with brown wool, but it is also available in ecru and taupe.

Developed by GAN’s design team, the Trenzas collection is handcrafted with 100% virgin wool on manual looms. It consists of a series of rectangular and round rugs, a set of pillows and two different sizes of poufs with which you can configure a casual environment, creating informal seating areas.

Its great appeal is that its pieces, particularly the poufs and pillows, show two very different textures: a smooth fabric on the sides and back of the poufs and pillows, against a voluminous and intricate braided design, a striking visual contrast.


GAN spaces are collections meticulously constructed from innovative concepts and artisanal production methods. Suggestive approaches that, stemming from a rug, are capable of bringing to life a whole family of modules and accessories with which to design an environment or “space”. A set of designs linked together, designed to project stimulating and contemporary atmospheres with an open, flexible and casual configuration.


At GAN, we develop our collections with external designers with whom we identify and share our philosophy: sensitivity for artisanal craft, experimental attitude and a personal style in contemporary proposals. In addition, our team also produces its own designs. Sometimes, they are the result of a custom design projects, but other times they arise during the research phase for other manufacturing processes. The creative direction in both cases is led by our director, Mapi Millet, who has extensive experience as a textile designer.