Gandia Blasco Black Kilim Tasili Rug

SKU 7610_Kilim-22_67_95

The Tasili rug is from GAN's kilim collection, a design by Sandra Figuerola with a marked graphic aesthetic. Its pattern alternates crosses, points and triangles with sinuous or geometric motifs, generating an attractive symmetrical composition in black and white that evokes certain drawings of lost civilizations -hence its name, in reference to those drawings found in Tassili, Algeria.

 With Tasili, graphic designer Sandra Figuerola has turned references of ancient ethnic paintings into highly schematized strokes of contemporary aesthetics. The perfect symmetry is subtly interrupted on the sides with two contrasting-pattern stripes. It is available in three sizes.


The kilim is an artisan method of rug making in which the weft is tightly woven on a manual loom, using only threads and no knotting. The result is a light fabric with no pile, similar to that of upholstery. It is a technique that offers great flexibility, a feature that GAN explores thoroughly to create high-impact details.


After training in Fine Arts at the San Carlos School in Valencia, Sandra Figuerola directed her professional career towards graphic design. In 1984 he founded La Nave collective with ten other designers, a studio that was a benchmark of Valencian design until its dissolution in 1991. Afterward, she continued to work in partnership with other designers as well as independently, developing her activity in various design subjects: graphic, industrial and textile. She has stood out specifically in the field of graphic design, publishing and corporate identity -together with Marisa Gallén, she designed the GANDIABLASCO logo. Aside from continuing her work as an independent designer, she has founded the Hup Hotels interior design studio.