Orange Rugs

Orange is by nature a bold color. It is warm and confident, and tends to evoke excitement and enthusiasm. Accenting any space with orange tends to bring more energy and vitality. Likewise, using an orange area rug can also have a similarly invigorating effect. Shades of orange can range from bold to softening, and every shade has a unique effect on the interior. For this reason, designers often choose orange rugs for interiors that need a vibrant and engaging pop of colors. When working with a black or white interior, a bolder orange will help add some compatible color. When working with wood tones, a burnished, rusty tone like marigold can bring a tasteful warmth to the space. An orange shag works wonderfully with a white or off-white interior, adding both texture and color. An orange natural fiber rug helps liven up outdoor spaces and patios. A salmon-orange rug can look great when paired with other soft colors. Can't find the perfect shade? Don't hesitate to ask about our custom rug program.