Pink Rugs

Although described as a lighter, softer shade of red, the color pink suffers no identity crisis. Associated with love, harmony, and playfulness, pink generally brings positivity to a space. Shades of pink range from a subtle lavender to an intense and saturated hot pink, each having different applications and potential color pairs. Because of the inherent playfulness and adaptability of pink, using pink in an area rug is often both pleasantly unexpected yet welcoming. The dynamic qualities of pink lend themselves to pairing well with greens, soft blues, browns, blacks, and yellows. When selecting a pink area rug, keep in mind what colors you want the pink to pair with. When pairing with softer colors, a sharper pink may work best, and vice versa. If ever in doubt, feel free to contact the team at for advice and information on any pink area rug. If there's a certain shade of pink that you just can't seem to find in another rug, our custom rug team would be more than happy to help you pick the best materials, size, pile height, and style. Let us help you find the "perfect pink" for your next interior design project.
  • Quirk Fuchsia Shag Rug

    Quirk Fuchsia Shag Rug

    Christopher Fareed Design Studios
    from $2,160.00

    The rugs in this collection are all inspired by urban lanandscapes, making way for a statement where texture, shape, and line are the form. The rug...

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