Gandia Blasco Brown Glaoui Alexandra Rug

SKU 7610_Glaoui-5_67_95

The Alexandra rug from the Glaoui collection is handmade using a complex manufacturing system of Moroccan origin, from which the collection takes its name. This method combines three types of different techniques: hand-knotting, flat weave and embroidery. Therefore, its design presents varying textures and changing volumes. Available in two sizes, this is the neutral version of the Alexandra model, woven with 100% virgin wool yarns in earth tones. As an original detail, the piece is accented with fringes.

The Glaoui collection includes a series of rugs that combine, in an eclectic and harmonious way, a varied style of patterns and textures. A complex traditional Moroccan technique brought to a different aesthetic dimension by designer Sandra Figuerola, who was inspired by the colors, graphics and topographies of African and Indian origin for her motives.


GAN spaces are collections meticulously constructed from innovative concepts and artisanal production methods. Suggestive proposals that, stemming from a rug, are capable of bringing to life a whole family of modules and accessories with which to design an environment or “space”. A set of designs linked together, designed to project stimulating and contemporary atmospheres with an open, flexible and casual configuration.


After training in Fine Arts at the San Carlos School in Valencia, Sandra Figuerola directed her professional career towards graphic design. In 1984 he founded La Nave collective with ten other designers, a studio that was a benchmark of Valencian design until its dissolution in 1991. Afterward, she continued to work in partnership with other designers as well as independently, developing her activity in various design subjects: graphic, industrial and textile. She has stood out specifically in the field of graphic design, publishing and corporate identity -together with Marisa Gallén, she designed the GANDIABLASCO logo. Aside from continuing her work as an independent designer, she has founded the Hup Hotels interior design studio.