Gan Rugs Blue-Brown Diamond Kilim Rug by Charlotte Lancelot

Please allow up to 8 weeks for this item to be delivered!

Charlotte Lancelot has created three new color combinations for her popular collection of DIAMOND kilim rugs for GAN, made of recycled fibers from plastic materials (100% recycled PET).‎

DIAMOND, with its perceived transparencies and gradients, is now introduced in more natural tones, such as Blue-Brown, Green-Grey and Orange-Wine.‎ The new options join the existing colorways: Pink-Yellow, Nude-Petrol and Blue-Green.‎

DIAMOND’s octagonal shape is inspired by the geometry of the diamond, a universal symbol of strength and beauty, to which its facets and hypnotic figure bring a new meaning.‎

These rugs, suitable for outdoor and indoor spaces thanks to their recycled PET composition, are available in three sizes.‎

The fibers with which DIAMOND kilim rugs are crafted by hand go through a meticulous treatment and regeneration process that lengthens the useful life of the existing plastic.‎ This gives them a new purpose (upcycling) and turns them into a piece of contemporary design that is also easy to clean and maintain.‎