Gandia Blasco Beige Lana Sail

SKU 7610_Sail-8_118_158

This is the Taupe rug from the Sail collection, which combines 100% virgin wool yarns in beige and white tones and is made on manual looms using the Dhurrie technique. This traditional Indian rug-making method creates very light and reversible fabrics. Additionally, the use of wool makes the piece especially pleasant to the touch.

With a hypnotic and relaxing diamond pattern, Sail’s design is a contemporary review of the traditional Dhurrie aesthetics. Designer Héctor Serrano has also created a series of elements in the same pattern, such as bean bag style seats, poufs and cushions. The rug is available in various sizes and can be used in combination with these pieces or independently.


GAN spaces are collections meticulously constructed from innovative concepts and artisanal production methods. Suggestive proposals that, stemming from a rug, are capable of bringing to life a whole family of modules and accessories with which to design an environment or “space”. A set of designs linked together, designed to project stimulating and contemporary atmospheres with an open, flexible and casual configuration.


After graduating in Industrial Design in Valencia, Héctor Serrano specialized in Product Design at the Royal College of Art in London, where he founded his own studio in 2000. He was based in the British capital for over a decade, after which he decided to move back to Valencia, from where he currently works with partners all over the world. He specializes in product design, furniture and lighting, as well as ephemeral spaces and installations through his parallel project Borealis. The personal style with which he envisions everyday objects usually combines two opposing ingredients: it appeals to the memory we have of said object, but always incorporates a new and unexpected element.