Gandia Blasco Blue Lana Naga

SKU 7610_Lana-9_67_95

This is the blue version of GAN's Naga rug, made with thick strips of felt that are interlaced by hand, a braiding similar to that of certain bracelets. Designed by the team at GAN, Naga that alternates felt strips of two shades of gray with indigo blue and white.

The serpentine way in which strips pass over and under one another generates a colorful textile mosaic. That is why this design is called Naga, in reference to the semi-divine beings of the Hindu mythology with a snake body. It is available in two sizes as well as in turquoise tones, which replace the blue shades present in this model.


Felt is obtained by combing wool, applying steam and pressing it. It is a compact material that does not come from a weaving process and that, according to our own experience, offers inexhaustible design possibilities because it can be cut and dyed, sewn or embroidered, braided and molded. Felt is an indispensable material in the field of contemporary design.