Gandia Blasco Brown Hand Knotted Waterkeyn

SKU 7610_HandKnotted-12_67_95

This is the Aqua Waterkeyn rug, a design with a surface that seems to change color, with transitions so subtle that at the same time can be disconcerting. This is due to the fact that it is made with jute, a material that creates variations in hue and shine, depending on the angle from which one looks.

The different color perceptions of this Waterkeyn model are similar to the changes in tone offered by the water of a lake or a pond with its small undulations. Created by the internal design team at GAN, Waterkeyn is knotted by hand in a completely manual way. It is available in three sizes as well as in another version that features earth tones.


The hand-knotted technique is a manual rug-making method that allows for extremely detailed designs, precisely because rugs are made knot by knot. It is a very laborious technique and, consequently, it offers great flexibility. Bearing this peculiarity in mind, those at GAN create hand-knotted designs with both uniform patterns as well as with an apparent randomness.