Gandia Blasco Gray Hand Tufted Branch

SKU 7610_HandTufted-1_67_95

The gray rug from the Branch series features a design inspired by an impenetrable cluster of tree branches, which conveys a certain air of mystery. Is surprising texture resembles tree bark, while being extremely soft to the touch. It is made using 100% felted virgin wool using an innovative take on the hand-tufted technique.

Designed by the internal design team at GAN, the texture of this rug has a rough finish that, however, is very soft to the touch and under bare feet. It is made by hand with gray and dark brown wool and it is available in two sizes, as well as in another version in lighter shades of gray and ecru.


Hand-tufting is a manual rug-making method in which a special handheld tool shoots and cuts a portion of wool following a pattern over a stretched cotton fabric. This technique offers great freedom in terms of designs, thicknesses, finishes and colors. With it, GAN makes possible the impossible.