Gandia Blasco Multi-Colored Hand Knotted Paysages Rug

SKU 7610_HandKnotted-11_67_95

GAN Paysages rug is a handmade design with a pattern that can have several interpretations: a countryside landscape under a blue sky, or a sea captured at sunrise or sunset. These perceptions only work when you look at the piece horizontally: vertically, it becomes a composition close to abstract expressionism.

Paysages is designed by French designer Sébastien Cordoleani, who is fond of capturing and painting landscapes recurrent in his day-to-day. Paysages is available in two sizes and is entirely made with 100% virgin wool from New Zealand.


The hand-knotted technique is a manual rug-making method that allows for extremely detailed designs, precisely because rugs are made knot by knot. It is a very laborious technique and, consequently, it offers great flexibility. Bearing this peculiarity in mind, we at GAN create hand-knotted designs with both uniform patterns as well as with an apparent randomness.


Sébastien Cordoleani graduated from the Higher National School of Industrial Creation (ENSCI) in Paris in 2004. During his first professional endeavors, he had the opportunity to work in well-known studios, including Antoni Arola in Barcelona and Andrée Putman in Paris. Later on, his career focused on the experimental research of manufacturing processes, which has progressively connected his practice with the artisanal world. In this area, he has carried out multiple collaborative projects, both directly with artisans and with brands that manufacture their products using artisanal techniques. This has allowed him not only to get to know certain materials in depth, but also how they are used in different parts of the world, from Corsica to Mexico, Taiwan or Japan.