Gandia Blasco Multi-Colored Hand Tufted Hidra Rug

SKU 7610_HandTufted-5_67_95

GAN's Hidra rug is a great textile reinterpretation of certain hydraulic floor tiles, made from the alternation of two shapes in changing colors. Additionally, its surface presents two different pile heights, so that the design acquires a volume in certain areas, reinforcing the trace, as it is typical of monochromatic and textured hydraulic tiles.

Hidra is a design by Jose A. Gandía-Blasco Canales, made using the hand-tufted technique with 100% virgin wool. It is an original rug with irregular edges, since its outline follows the figures that represent the tiles. It is available in two sizes.


Hand-tufting is a manual rug-making method in which a special handheld tool shoots and cuts a portion of wool following a pattern over a stretched cotton fabric. This technique offers great freedom in terms of designs, thicknesses, finishes and colors. With it, GAN makes possible the impossible.


José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales is the president and artistic director of GANDIABLASCO. He is part of the second generation leading the company and was the one who, in the nineties, steered the firm towards contemporary outdoor furniture and internationalization. Subsequently, he also led the renewal of the company’s textile production, from which GAN would emerge in 2004, relying on Mapi Millet to develop a new product line and its expansion plan. Diabla is his latest business endeavor, the third brand under the GANDIABLASCO umbrella. Parallel to his role in the management of the company, he has also created multiple designs for the three brands, characterized by a fresh and imaginative personal style of marked Mediterranean influence.