Gandia Blasco Multi-Colored Hand Tufted Lepark Rug

SKU 7610_HandTufted-6_67_95

GAN's Lepark rug presents a multicolored succession of stripes that change their tone in an uneven and random way, without apparently following a pattern. It is precisely in its varied mix of colors and heterogeneity of designs where its appeal resides. This unusual aesthetic is inspired by the small portions of color that make up digital images, which are visible only when they are greatly expanded.

Lepark is a design by Enblanc studio made using the hand-tufted and 100% virgin wool. Because of its design and tonalities, it is perfect to provide a touch of color in neutral environments of very contemporary style. It is available in three sizes.



Hand-tufting is a manual rug-making method in which a special handheld tool shoots and cuts a portion of wool following a pattern over a stretched cotton fabric. This technique offers great freedom in terms of designs, thicknesses, finishes and colors. With it, GAN makes possible the impossible.


Enblanc is a Valencia-based studio that specializes in product design, spaces and graphic communication, founded by Paula Aloy and José Aranda in 2007. The combination of these three specialties has allowed them, over time, to address proposals with a multidisciplinary approach. Enblanc has been diversifying its activity since its inception, progressing from furniture and product design for the interior design industry to conceiving complete spaces, both commercial, exhibition and residential. Additionally, they have developed parallel graphic identity projects for the food and beverage industry, as well as corporate image makeovers for service companies and cultural events. Their graphic skill can be perceived in the character of the rugs they have designed for GAN.