Isodesium Signature Rug

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The Signature collection is comprised of some of Fareed's most modern and striking designs, emphasizing experimentation over convention. While the production of his rugs is done according to age-old methods, his experimental creative process allows him a means for departure from the conventional parameters of rug designing. Fareed doesn't enjoy creating sterile, unremarkable pieces. Just as important to the formation of his notion of artistic integrity is the acknowledgement that anything pure and noble is all the more ripe for corruption. As an artist attending university in London during his formative years, he invariably began to see new, radical forms of modern expression, including graffiti, punk music and the Neo-Pop movement. To him, this experience introduced him to a new type of culture, a transient culture characterized as transient, nihilistic, and sometimes even self-destructive. For him, the implications of these new forms of expression were clear: nothing is meant to last forever. This mantra, a far cry from the romantic notions his predecessors echoed in their craft, was the heart of his methodology. In our mass culture of consumerism, celebrity worship, instant gratification, and a conspicuous obsession with material wealth, still some traditional mediums have managed to survive the onslaught of pop-culture iconography. This all the more deepened his fascination with a medium long considered traditional, while forcing him to reconsider the nature of creativity in the context of textiles, an area of art with which very little had improved upon or changed for some time.

Drawing inspiration from natural landscapes, abstract shapes and concepts, bridging the conventional and the abstract, these rugs will transform your space with all of the elegance and charm. With a distinct urban and cosmopolitan feel, these rugs play a vital everyday role, not only as an expression of individuality, but as part of the shelter that sustains us. All Christopher Fareed Signature Rugs use only the purest New Zealand Wool, or masterfully blended with Banana Silk in some cases, to guarantee a top level of quality and durability. Child labor free and made with biodegradable, all natural materials.