Umohite B Signature Rug

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The Christopher Fareed "Dare" collection reveals inspiration from experimental forms of modern cultural expression, pushing the limits of textile experimentation. His formative years in the heart of London introduced him to a new type of pop art and the radical culture that supported it, a culture characterized as transient, nihilistic, and sometimes even self-destructive. Defined by striking shades of neon set against the silhouettes of our desires, these rugs are far from understated. In fact, they provoke. This newest collection, "Dare", is provocative and risqué with glimpses of tempting seductresses. Embodied with sexual tension, desire, and mystery, this collection brings a whole new high. As an exclusive collection from Christopher Fareed, DARE is available in limited quantities.

Christopher Fareed's designs are creative, maximizing the use of space, deceiving the eye if necessary, and paying particular attention to the way space relates to a rug. He enjoys visually integrating the interiors with progressions of popular culture, principally reflecting modern trends and personality; incorporating individual style in existing architecture.

Pop Art features a palette of fresh, ultra-vibrant colors and patterns, re-interpreted classic designs, and hand-carved, high-low piles. The rugs in this unique Dare collection are without a doubt designed with passion and flair. You Will Love them - a very high-quality sensuous collection, Pop-Art Rugs will make an excellent focal point for any room. This Seductress collection was designed with one thing in mind - making people remember you. Whether you're a designer or entertainer, these rugs are guaranteed to spark a conversation. The collection ranges from relatively modest to really risqué. It's up to you to decide what you want!

Child labor free and made with biodegradable, all-natural materials.